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Experience Abide

Research done by Barna for the American Bible Society, the Taylor University Center for Scripture Engagement, Reveal, LifeWay and the Center for Bible Engagement all confirm what many of us believe: The Bible is the foundation of how we grow spiritually - how we grow in our love of God and love of others.

But the question is, “has anyone taught you how to read to the Bible for spiritual growth?” You may have been told to read the Bible, but chances are you were never really taught how to read the Bible.   It’s like tossing people into an ocean, telling them to swim, and then walking away without giving them any swimming lessons, thinking they’d figure it out on their own.  Some basic instructions could have really helped!

There is nothing new about Scripture engagement, reading the Bible for spiritual transformation —Christians have always valued and meditated on the Bible. Jesus and the Apostle Paul were absolutely “soaked” in Scripture. Though not new, perhaps each generation needs to explore the values and practices of reflecting on the Scriptures afresh, experientially discovering its power for themselves.  The resources on this website will help you engage Scripture so that you can engage God.