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Sanar las heridas del corazón: La iglesia puede ayudar - Print on Demand

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Authors:  Harriet Hill, Margaret Hill, Dick Baggé, and Pat Miersma

This book offers a practical approach to engaging the Bible and mental health principles to find God’s healing for wounds of the heart. This provides a strong foundation for restored lives and relationships.  It is a resource for leaders in churches and NGOs who care for people who have suffered horrific events like war, civil unrest, ethnic conflict, rape, and natural disasters. It will also help individuals struggling with suffering. It provides core mental health principles within a biblical framework, an approach that has been field tested since 2001 with leaders from Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, and independent churches. It has been adapted into more than 150 languages and cultures around the world.

It is designed for use in groups and written in simple and non-technical language. Each lesson begins with a story depicting its topic, followed by discussion questions and participatory exercises. The book includes 270 Bible references from 217 passages.

This is the core book of the Trauma Healing Institute at American Bible Society.

“This book puts clear information about trauma in the hands of the global church. Its roots go down deep into the work of Christ on the cross and the truths of God’s Word. The teachings are sound and give ample room to the importance of understanding what trauma does to human beings, the need to tell their story and to grieve. The book is a gift to the body of Jesus.” — Diane Langberg, Ph.D. , psychologist and author, Co-Chair, Trauma Healing Advisory Council

Paperback. 5 1/4 x 8 1/4 in. 116 pages.

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Number of Pages 116 pages
Measurements 5.25 x 8.25 in.
Language Spanish
ISBN 9781941448441
Item Number #124000-POD
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