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Word@Hand: More Than Enough - Journey + New Revised Standard Version, Anglicized Edition (NRSVAE)

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To know your purpose can be life sustaining. Purposeful living provides a plumb line for having direction and making decisions. Where do you look to find your life purpose? What experiences and teachings serve as a compass to orient your life?

In the Gospel According to John we read that God’s gifts are abundant and available to meet your needs, to affirm your worth and to help you express your purpose for a better life with God. More Than Enough helps you explore the author’s understanding of the good news of Jesus by a focused journey along six paths:

  • The people, including the Pharisees, the disciples, women, and Jesus himself
  • Themes of change, abundance, servanthood
  • John’s use of “time”
  • John’s symbolic use of places and space
  • Purpose
  • Signs and wonders

Each Path has seven Steps. You are encouraged to take one step daily. Each Step involves four features

  1. Read a Bible passage.
  2. Think about what you’ve read.
  3. Pray about the insights you’ve gained.
  4. Take up a daily act to embody your beliefs and express your understandings.

As with every Word@Hand Journey, More Than Enough offers

  • Good news of God’s love for you and all of creation
  • Wisdom to guide you
  • Hope to sustain you
  • Truth to empower you
  • Forgiveness to change you
  • Peace to bless you

Join us on a Journey. Together, the six paths and 42 daily steps will help guide and encourage you to a better life with God.

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