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Beyond Disaster

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Beyond Disaster is a guide for spiritual first aid for people who have survived natural or human-caused disasters. It can be distributed any time following a disaster but is most beneficial once the initial shock has passed. The booklet offers:

  • Strategies to help people cope in the short term
  • Guidance on what to expect during the process of recovery
  • Resources to begin a journey toward emotional and spiritual healing

Based on the globally proven model of the Trauma Healing Institute, this booklet integrates best practices in mental health into a biblical framework. Related resources for survivors, helpers, and churches are available at http://DisasterRelief.Bible.

Saddle stitch, 72 pages, 4.38 x 6.38 inches

What people are saying: "Beyond Disaster: A Survivor’s Guide for Spiritual First Aid is a simple yet profound tool to care for those who have experienced trauma or equip those who will respond. A strong reliance on Scripture and practical approach takes an individual, family, or team through the emotions they are experiencing and the questions they may be asking in a way that is relatable and applicable to a variety of situations. This book has obviously been put together by people with real-life experience and a passion for holistic care.” — Nate Killoren, Director of Crisis Response, SIM

Number of Pages: 72
Measurements: 4.38 x 6.38 in.
Language: English
ISBN: 9781585162925
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