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Famous Phrases from the Bible - KJV

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The King James Bible (KJV) has left an indelible mark on the English language. Even now, four centuries later, this classic text has become so embedded in our language, that many people use phrases and sayings in regular conversation without realizing their origin in the Bible. While some of the terms may have faded from use, there are many others that it is hard to imagine not having as part of our language. Famous Phrases from the Bible brings together over 300 of these phrases in common use today. Included with the description of the phrase is the relevant Scripture passage from the King James Version. A fantastic gift for those with an interest in the Bible, the English language, or history.
A to Z list of over 300 commonly used phrases and their biblical origin.
Introduction celebrating the importance of the King James Version on our society and culture
Horace Knowles illustrations.

Language: English
ISBN: 125480
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