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Healing the Wounds of Trauma: Finding Our Comfort in God Participant Book - Print on Demand

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This edition of the proven small group resource from the Trauma Healing Institute is designed to be used with participants from different faiths.

When we experience suffering and loss, our hearts can be wounded. For these wounds to heal, we need to express the pain to someone we trust who can listen to us. We need to accept the pain of the loss and grieve so that these feelings are not buried alive inside of us. We need to grapple with the question, “If God is merciful, why do we suffer?” We need to be reminded that we can express these feelings honestly as we cry out to God. Once identified and expressed, we can bring our burdens of pain to God, whose mercy is infinite.

Healing the Wounds of Trauma: Finding Our Comfort in God offers a practical approach to help us know how to heal from these heart wounds. Each lesson presents what Al-Kitab al-Muqaddas (Tawrat, Zabur, Injil) and mental health principles teach about how to heal from trauma.

This is the Participant Book. Each participant in a healing group should have access to this book. A separate Facilitator Guide is also available for trained small group facilitators.
The Participant book is available in Paperback (POD) or digital download (EPUB, Kindle, and PDF).

Paperback, A5 size, Print on Demand

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Number of Pages: 126
Measurements: 5.75 x 8.25 in.
Language: English
ISBN: 9781585163526
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